NanoDrop (Microvolume Spectrophotometer)


NanoDrop Microvolume Spectrophotometers can quantify and assess purity of DNA, RNA, and protein from only 1–2 µL of sample. It is designed to measure the absorbance and calculate the concentration of nucleic acids (260 nm) and purified proteins (280 nm). This would include dsDNA, ssDNA, RNA and purified proteins.

Model: LNS-C10


Manufacturer: LABTRON, UK


The NanoDrop is a specialized instrument used for measuring the concentration and purity of nucleic acids (DNA, RNA) and proteins. It is designed to analyze very small sample volumes, typically in the microliter range.

Users : Pharmacy, BGE, FMRT Disciplines of Khulna University and Other Related Universities and Institutions.

Test Fee (Per Sample): 20