Micro-Pure Water Purification System


This system is an outstanding choice for applications such as HPLC or other instrumental analyses, sample preparation, glassware rinsing or molecular biology work in which endotoxins and/or nucleases would interfere. This machine can produce up to 15L/day of ultra-pure water.

Model: MicroPure UV/UF

Brand: Thermo Scientific, USA (Part of Thermo Fisher Scientific)

Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific, USA


Micro-Pure Water Purification System is used in the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries the most, though it's an ideal solution for any work in the lab. Its level of purification make

Users : Pharmacy, BGE, FMRT, FWT, AT, SWE, ES, Chemistry Disciplines of Khulna University and Other Related Universities and Institutions.

Test Fee: Free