Inverted Fluorescence Microscope


An inverted fluorescent microscope uses fluorescence to study specimens, such as living cells at the bottom of a petri dish or tissue culture. The Inverted Fluorescent Microscope has similar components to those of other microscopes, and the only difference is the arrangement of the parts, which are placed in inverted positions.

Model: Axio Vert.A1

Brand: ZEISS

Manufacturer: ZEISS, Germany


Inverted Fluorescence Microscopes can be used in research, various fields of medicine and even in an academic setting to help children learn more about cellular structures. Fluorescent images are used in biology, chemistry, molecular biology, physiology and other sectors.

Users : Pharmacy, BGE, FMRT, FWT, AT, SWE, ES, Chemistry, Physics Disciplines of Khulna University and Other Related Universities and Institutions.

Test Fee (Per Sample): 180